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Giraffe brings your team’s skills online, helping you work more effectively

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Bring your people data online

With a distributed workforce, it can be tough to keep your teams engaged without clear visibility into the skills they bring to the table. With Giraffe, view each team member’s skills, and traits all in one place and start optimizing your team’s capabilities.

*NEW* Centralize COVID-19 employee feedback, sentiment and soundbites with Giraffe.

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Michelle, a recruiter at her company, was tired of solely basing interview decisions on candidate’s resumes and social media profiles. She now uses Giraffe for seeing the traits and values each candidate brings to the table, expanding her search beyond the paper resume.

Jordan, a brand new manager at his company, was struggling to onboard and grasp each team member's unique skillset and strengths. He was recently added to his company’s Giraffe account and immediately had the answers he needed to engage with his team and manage more effectively.

Lauren, COO of her company, was struggling to pinpoint which traits and skills were common across top performers. She now uses Giraffe for comparing departmental traits and skills data to ensure her teams have the requisite skills and traits to stay competitive in the market.

Robert, a director at his firm, was having a hard time staffing upcoming client engagements. He now uses Giraffe to see his team’s traits and skills in one central dashboard, and builds dynamic project teams based on the client’s objectives and milestones.

People Insights as a multi-tool

Whether it be evaluating prospective job candidates, building dynamic project teams, onboarding new team members, or facilitating career development discussions, Giraffe's people insights can be used in a variety of ways.

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Are you ready to start building better teams? 

A 2022 Skills Outlook from the World Economic Forum highlights that growing skills include ones not commonly found on a traditional resume such as: innovation, creativity, initiative, and critical thinking.

The Tech Industry has the highest employee turnover of any business sector, with a staggering churn rate of 13.2%. That's about 1 in 7 employees who leave an organization within a given year.

76% of employees claim they would be more loyal to their current employer if flexible work options were offered