Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my company's Giraffe team page?
Sign Up Here. After submitting your Sign Up form, a member of the Giraffe team will be in touch with next steps to finalize your company locations and departments. With this info we'll personalize The Giraffe Assessment and set up your company's Giraffe team page so you'll be all ready to go!
Does Giraffe need to be setup company wide or can I just use it for my team?
Great question - you can choose either. Whether it be company wide to see results cross functionally, or individual team focused, you can get started however you see fit. We can always add/update locations and departments to your company's account.
How was The Giraffe Assessment created?
We created The Giraffe Assessment collaboratively alongside clinical and neuropsych PhD candidates to ensure our assessment presents each respondent with unbiased bi-directional statements and relevant responses.
How long does The Giraffe Assessment take to complete?
Our assessment can be completed in just about 10 minutes!
Where do I see my team's Giraffe Assessment results?
Results for The Giraffe Assessment are available directly within your company's Giraffe team page. When building engaged teams, transparency is key -- this way each employee can take actions to fuel their team dynamic.

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