Peo·ple in·sight·s

Employee skills, traits and values in a centralized interactive format

  1. I’m a new VP and have 50 team members -- Giraffe’s people insights allowed me to engage with my team in a quick and personalized way.
  2. I’m a hiring manager and looking to see how potential candidates would integrate with my existing team, so I used Giraffe’s people insights to see the skills and traits each candidate brings to the table beyond their traditional resume.

Origin: Middle English/Scandinavian

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Nurture TalentHire Smarter

Distributed Teams. Distributed Talent.

Get to know your people

Companies have recently shifted to a distributed remote workforce. This change has brought its own talent challenges surrounding employee engagement and tracking each team member's skills and traits.

Use Giraffe to centralize and measure your team's skills while also capturing employee feedback and sentiment related to COVID-19.

Track vocational & technical skills

Your team's vocational skills should be centralized and viewable by colleagues and managers to proactively solve complex problems. Leverage Giraffe to drill down on your team's skills and uncover potential gaps.

Understand how your team works

Through a short assessment created collaboratively with Psych PhD candidates, Giraffe enables every respondent to better quantify and verbalize their ways of working preferences and behavioral traits.

Act on your team's people insights

Whether it be identifying skill gaps, tailoring Learning & Development, or building dynamic project teams, Giraffe's people insights can help shape critical talent decisions that complement your business strategy.

People Insights as a multi-tool

How our customers leverage Giraffe

Wouldn't it be great if you were able to ensure your team members were working on activities that aligned with their skill sets and values? Or see how prospective job candidates would impact your existing team dynamic?

With Giraffe you can.

Nurture Existing Talent

Skills come in many forms

Long gone are the days of focusing solely on technical skills to determine contribution and value. Use Giraffe to centrally organize and track your team’s ways of working preferences and behavioral traits to better grasp what makes your people, your people.

Teams Workflow

Using Giraffe to nurture talent


Engage your team

Add team members to your company's Giraffe team page and start capturing responses in a matter of minutes. View individual results and departmental averages in one central dashboard.

Gain insights & review together

Giraffe provides you with a snapshot of your organization's talent, so you can better understand the dynamics of each team. Review outputs with employees to drive collaboration and determine appropriate next steps.


Take action & engage

Establish benchmarks and set goals for your team's talent story. Re-engage your team with valuable learnings that can help each member better understand the strengths they bring to your company.

Hire Smarter

More than just a resume

Leonardo Da Vinci invented the resume in 1482. Nothing against Da Vinci, but the resume only goes so far. Use Giraffe to better understand your talent pipeline and build lasting teams.

Hiring Workflow

Using Giraffe to hire


Distribute Giraffe Assessment

Add various job postings IDs to your Giraffe account and start distributing the assessment to your most promising candidates. Gather candidate's Giraffe Assessment output early on in the hiring process to see what value each candidate would bring to your team.

Evaluate holistically

Go beyond the traditional resume and view the vocational skills, behavioral traits and ways of working preferences of your entire talent funnel. Collaborate with hiring managers on how specific candidates could improve your existing team dynamic and skillset.


Make smarter hiring choices

Leverage Giraffe to sort/filter on candidate skills and traits so you can make an educated decision on which candidates should be invited to interview. Layer applicant responses over your team's results to better understand unique skills and synergies.

New Insights

Dynamic teams, simple analytics

Data should be easy to analyze and track. That’s why Giraffe provides you the ability to filter, segment, and drill down on the behavioral traits, ways of working preferences, and qualifications that your team possesses. You can even layer different team's results to uncover cross-functional insights.

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